How to enter unlock codes in HTC models

1. Turn on your phone with a SIM Card not from the original network

2. If the phone asks, enter the PIN code for your SIM Card

3. Next, the phone will ask you to enter your unlocking code*

4. Your HTC phone will now be unlocked

* If the box to enter the unlock code does not appear, try another sim, and also perhaps a master reset

We would only recommended if you are happy to lose personal data from the phone, if in doubt back up your data first

Please note

– Use the on-screen keyboard and make sure that the wireless mode is turned off

– Should you see a message saying ‘Sim lock’. You can still make emergency calls but your HTC phone has been ‘locked’ due to too many unsuccessful unlocking attempts. Alas the only solution is to upgrade the phone’s ROM, which in turn will reset the counter allowing you to enter the unlock code, however, with HTC there are always risks upgrading the phones ROM so we wouldn't advise this as a process you should undertake


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