Unlocking Nokia Lumia with MPU

1. Place a non-supported sim card into the phone (if phone locked to O2 then use EE, etc)

2. Start up and log into MPU

3. Keep the phone turned off

4. Hold volume up and connect the phone to the PC via USB to Micro USB cable

5. Once you feel the phone vibrate release volume up

6. When the phones details appear on screen look for “Read NCK” and click it

7. Watch the feed as the process continues

You may be asked to hold the power and volume up buttons for 15 seconds. 

If so please do so then release power but continue to hold volume up until you see the feed continue then release all buttons

8. When the feed completes you will be shown a large NCK number in bold

9. Leave this info on screen and then start the phone (you may disconnect the phone the info will stay onscreen)

10. When the phone starts you will be asked for a PIN, please enter the NCK into the handset and confirm

11. The phone is now unlocked!


Mobicode Support