Unlocking Samsung with MPU

1. Place a non-supported sim card into the phone (if phone locked to O2 then use EE, etc)

2. Power the phone on

3. Start up and log into MPU

4. Enable Unknown Sources and USB Debugging on your handset (check our guide)

5. Connect the phone to the PC via USB to Micro USB cable

6. When the phones details appear on screen look for “Unlock” and click it

7. Watch the feed as the process continues and please make a note of whether the feed indicates the phone is being rooted as part of the process

You may be asked to disconnect the phone and make changes to settings just after clicking the Unlock button.

If so please follow the instructions then when you are finished click the back button at the bottom of the screen and go back to point 5.

If your phone requires the use of a UART cable you may now be asked to disconnect and switch to that. 

Please do so but do not cancel the process. It will continue from where it left off

During the process you may also see windows pop up asking you things like “Using New Method?” or stating the process is not knox safe and asking if you wish to continue. Answer Yes to any of these questions to continue the unlock

The process may fail and say it was “unable to root” and will provide a hyperlink to download our external rooting tools. 

If so please click the hyperlink, download the program, close MPU, open the program, root the phone, close the program and reopen MPU then go back to point 5.

Lastly you may be asked to disconnect the phone, remove and replace the battery. 

Please do this without cancelling the process. It will continue from where it left off

8. When the process finishes the phone should restart

If you still receive an unlock code request you may have been advised in the feed that the unlock code was changed as part of the process. 

This is only usually part of a process requiring a UART cable and the code is usually changed to 12345678 or 00000000. 

Please enter this into the code request and select unlock

If the phone was rooted as part of the process you will need to reconnect the phone now and select the “Root/Unroot” option when the phones details appear. 

A window will appear and ask if you want to unroot. 

Select yes and the process should complete in less than 10 seconds

9. The phone is now unlocked!


Mobicode Support