To process batch MobiCHECK orders please follow the instructions below

File Creation

  • Download the attached mobicheck_batch_import template
  • Complete the relevent fields (IMEI, Ref & up to 5 additional user references allowed)
  • Save your file in either xlsx, xls or csv format

Upload / Import
  • Log in to your MobiCODE Portal
  • Navigate to IMEI Services > Bulk Imei Checks
  • Click 'Start New Bulk Check'
  • Enter a Label/Title and Description and click Start, then OK once Bulk Check Added
  • Click 'Submit via Spreadsheet'
  • Click 'Choose File'
  • Browse to your completed import template saved above
  • Click 'Upload' - You will be shown a preview of the first 20 lines of data
  • Tick 'Import Data'
  • Click 'Import Data'. You will be shown an import summary
  • Tick 'Confirm Submit Request'
  • Click 'Submit Order'

Orders will now process until completion, the page will refresh every 30 seconds, but you can navigate away or process another batch

You can view the status of all imports by navigating to IMEI Services > Bulk Imei Checks

If you have any problems please contact support


Mobicode Support