How to process single MobiCHECKS

Method 1

1. Log into your MobiCODE Web Portal

2. Click on the HOME tab (you should start here)

3. Enter the phones IMEI into the box

4. Click Lookup Device

5. Click the Submit to ImeiHpi / MobiCHECK button

Method 2

1. Log into your MobiCODE Web Portal

2. Click the IMEI SERVICES tab

3. Type the IMEI into the first box

4. Select the ImeiHPI Check / MobiCHECK service in the Service dropdown

5. Click the Order button

Your order will now be listed in the archive and the colour status will be listed

Red = Lost of Stolen

Amber = We have history on this IMEI, please check the certificate

Green = This IMEI is not on the IMEI blacklist


Mobicode Support