Unlocking Using UART Cable in MPU

Most models of phone can be unlocked using a standard USB to Micro USB cable but some models of phone can only be unlocked using what’s known as a UART cable. 

Apart from unlocking these special models UART cables can unlock some normal models in a different way.

Details about the general use of a UART cable below

Note: You must always start by using a normal USB cable, UART cables are never used completely alone and if you try your phone will not be detected!!!

1. Open MPU as normal

2. Activate USB Debugging and Unknown Sources on the handset as normal

3. Connect to the PC via USB cable as normal

4. If the screen states that “Micro UART Cable Required” (like an Ace 2) then simply click the “Unlock” button.

5. The process will start as a normal unlock would and may ask you to make changes to some settings. Once the initial phase is complete a box should appear on screen asking you to unplug the micro USB cable, make some changes to settings then plug in using your UART cable and click OK

6. Once you have done this unlocking should continue.

When it finishes there may be instructions on the screen telling you to restart your phone and type in 12345678 in the code request box when it restarts. 

You will not always need to restart your phone to complete the unlock.


Mobicode Support